Wednesday, 10 December 2003

Strike Over Health Insurance

We’re currently suffering under a Grocery workers and Teamster’s strike. It’s all about health insurance for the clerks.

Neither side is talking.
Oh my G-d, no 7-Up!
I guess I’ll just have to make due with Sprite, oh the hardship.

I honored the picket line for awhile, shopping five miles away at a place called Stater Brother’s that was not affected by the strike. That got old, real quick. I break the picket line at my neighborhood Ralph’s now (actually there are no more picketers as they were all moved to the Albertson’s downtown).

My roommate got a part time job at Ralph’s, yes… he’s a scab to those fighting for health insurance. Seventeen bucks an hour, not bad, and I might get a Christmas present this year.